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Cliché Father’s Day Grilling Gifts That Are Actually Awesome

Previously, all dad needed to be best of the BBQ was the cliché "Kiss the Chef" apron. Since technology now rules the BBQ world, it’s possible to buy gifts that will be appreciated, even if they sound clichéd. Here are six Father's Day gifts to ensure dad remains the family's head of the BBQ with these modern gifts:

  1. Grill Gloves
    grill gloves

    Oven mitts aren’t good enough for the king of the BBQ. Protect his hands and arms with manly heavy-duty suede grill gloves that are long enough to protect not just his hands, but his forearms too.

  2. Outset Leather Grill Apron

    Keep the grill master clean and safe with a durable leather grill apron that features a durable brown-suede exterior with a flame-retardant lining that protects clothes from hot grease and has deep front pockets to store all the tools, condiments and accessories needed.

  3. Cuisinart 3-Piece Folding BBQ Tool Set
    3-piece bbq tool set

    Perfect for taking to the park or on holiday, this set combines the ease-of-use of full-sized wood handled grilling tools with the convenient storage ability of a kitchen utensil. At their extended length, the stainless steel spatula, fork and grill brush offer a 16-inch full-reach design dad can handle all the foods on the grill without risk of burning his arms.

  4. Cuisinart 14 Piece Deluxe BBQ Tool Set With Storage Case
    bbq tool set with storage case

    If you father likes to have every tool for the BBQ separate from the kitchen, this durable set of stainless steel tools includes a Chefs Spatula, Grill Tongs, Silicone Basting Brush, Cleaning Brush, Extra Cleaning Brush Head and 4 Pairs of Corn Holders. All of which are stored in a durable aluminium case until the next time.

  5. Rib Rack
    rib rack

    Full racks of spare ribs can take up a lot of space on the BBQ. A Rib Rack can grill up to four racks at a time in the same space it normally takes for one or two. There are also the bonuses that ribs roasted vertically are self-basting, making them tender and succulent whilst at the same time draining off excess fat.

  6. Bincho-tan Charcoal

    Grillers who knows their fuels will be wowed by this exclusive Japanese charcoal from the Miyazaki prefecture. Very slow-burning, chemical-free, and nearly smoke-free, white bincho-tan is the charcoal of choice for Japanese yakitori and robotoyaki masters. It’s expensive, but your dad’s worth it!

  7. Charcoal Companion Stainless Steel Meat Claws
    meat claws

    These belong in every grill masters toolbox. Not only can they reduce a barbecued pork shoulder to succulent shreds in a matter of minutes, but they make handling large hunks of meat, like turkey, ham and prime rib roasts much easier.