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The Best BBQ Restaurants In Toronto

The best BBQ restaurants in Toronto focus on traditional grilling and smoking. With amazing BBQ restaurants, here are arguably the best 10 barbecue restaurants in the city:

  1. Carbon Bar
    carbon bar toronto

    Carbon Bar’s sleek, industrial restaurant combines wonderful cocktails with its varied barbecue offerings. One of the most popular items is the Pitmaster Platter which comes with fatty beef brisket, deep fried chicken, saucy St.Louis ribs and house pickles.

  2. Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ
    greenwood smokehouse bbw toronto

    A common-room vibe at this restaurant include the following highlights: racks of ribs covered with house-made Memphis barbecue sauce and finished with a hit of dry rub and paprika, the Southern Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich in a soft sesame bun. The menu offers a number of smoke-infused vegetarian options plus a vegan chili and poutine made with smoked mushroom gravy.

  3. The Stockyards

    A friendly neighbourhood restaurant with counter-top seating and an old school vibe. Properly smoked ribs with a real smoke ring on the outer layer of the meat. The style combines Carolina and Memphis, though they prefer to serve barbecue dry with sauces on the side.

  4. Triple A

    An award winning Central Texas style BBQ restaurant across three locations. Dry Rub Ribs, Brisket and other traditional favorites smoked daily on their offset barrel smoker are ready be to served until midnight, 7 days a week.

  5. Cherry Street
    cherry street toronto

    This smoke-house boasts one of the best restaurant patios in the area, strong drinks at the bar and a menu of meaty delights. Stand-outs include the tender brisket, dry rubbed ribs and smoked chicken painted in a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.

  6. Big Crow
    big crow toronto

    With innovative takes on the classics, the menu doesn't adhere to any single BBQ tradition. The delicious rack of smoky pork ribs is crispy on the outside, while the inside is fall-off-the-bone tender. Lighter barbecue-style menu items include Jerk Trout and an Asian-inspired Chinatown Miami Beef Rib.

  7. Electric Mud

    An eclectic mixture of a diner and bar, all the meat here is Canadian and ethically sourced. Try the four-hour smoked pork ribs, or the mammoth beef ribs, hot links and smoked chicken legs at this bourbon-fueled BBQ site.

  8. J&J Bar-B-Que

    Central Texas-style BBQ is the specialty at this compact take out counter in the heart of Kensington Market. Oak-smoked brisket that literally melts in your mouth, sausages stuffed with mac and cheese and chopped brisket sandwiched between danishes.

  9. Big Bone BBQ
    big bone bbq toronto

    A hidden gem for barbecue with massive portion sizes, the food here is meant to be shared. There are 24 flavours of crispy wings that are smoked and grilled. The smoky rib meat easily brings to mind sitting by a camp-fire. Also classic sandwiches like pulled pork with a tomato-based sauce.

  10. Smoque & Bones

    The pork ribs are smoked first then charred to lock in flavour, and the sugar maple-smoked chicken is brined in a secret mixture for two days to create extremely tender meat with a sweet and smoky flavour.